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Kindles @ HCC Middle School Library: About

Information on borrowing and using Kindles from the school library.

Borrow a Kindle Loaded with the Book You Want from HCC Library

Can't find the book you want in our library? If it is available from Amazon's Kindle store, then it can be purchased for you* onto an HCC Library Kindle that you can borrow for 3 weeks. All the information and forms needed are on this LibGuide. (*Only approved titles will be purchased; purchases can only be made by Mrs. Barthelmes.)

HCC Kindle FAQ

Q: How many Kindles does the HCC Library have?

A: Currently the library has 25 Kindles. We have both touch-screen Kindles and keyboard Kindles.  

Q: How long can a Kindle be checked out?

A:  Kindles can circulate for 21 days. Renewals may be allowed if other people are not waiting for them. Please ask Mrs. B. 

Q: Who can check out HCC Library Kindles?

A: Middle School students who have a signed Kindle Permission & Acceptable Use form on file in the library, who do not have overdue or lost books on their account, and who have received training from Mrs. Barthelmes on how to use the Kindle are welcome to check out a Kindle. Faculty and staff may also check out a Kindle.

Q: What is a Kindle Permission & Acceptable Use Form?

A: Because our Kindles represent a large fiscal library investment, we ask student users to get permission from their parents/guardians before they can borrow a Kindle. This form is available in the documents box below as well as in the Library.

Q: If I check out a Kindle, what do I get?

A: Each Kindle comes in a lighted cover so that you can read on the Kindle even in a dark room. We do not loan out the power cords unless it is absolutely necessary. (Battery life is about 1 month with the Wireless turned off.) Titles available on Kindles are listed here.

Q: How do books get chosen to be added to HCC Library Kindles?

A: Titles are selected for Kindles based on readers' interest and availability in the Kindle Store. Current titles are listed here. We want HCC Library Kindles to hold what YOU want to read. Nevertheless, please DO NOT ADD any titles, games, or other content to an HCC Kindle.
If there is a title you are interested in reading on a Kindle, please print and fill out a Kindle Book Request form shown below. Then bring this to the library and we will do our best to honor your requests.

Q: How do I check out an HCC Library Kindle? How should I return it?

A: Kindles are available from Mrs. Barthelmes. In order to check one out, you must 1) have a signed Kindle permission form on file in the library, 2) clear your account of all overdue or lost items, and 3) receive training on how to use and care for the Kindle from Mrs. Barthelmes. They can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks. Kindles must be returned in person to Mrs. Barthelmes or a library staff member--do NOT put them in the book drop or leave them on a library table. **Students should make eye contact with a staff member in order to return the Kindle and physically watch as the Kindle is checked back in to the library catalog to ensure they are marked as returned.** Students will be asked to fill in a survey on their experience using the Kindle.

Q: If I already have a Kindle, can I use library Kindle eBooks?

A: Kindles were not designed for book loaning, so we are not providing this service at this time. However, speak to Mrs. Barthelmes about how to find and download free Kindle eBooks onto your personal devices.

Borrow a Kindle from HCC Library!


Kindle Care Guide

Dear Student,


Thank you for your interest in our Kindle loaning program! Below are some reminders about how to care for the Kindle while it is in your possession.


Additional information about using the Kindle’s features is available both on the device (look for the Kindle User’s Guide in the list of titles loaded onto the Kindle device), or in the Kindle Tips & Tricks box on the right side of this page.


Follow these basic rules to keep the Kindle in good condition:

1.            Do not use the Kindle or its accessories in the rain, or near sinks or other wet locations.

2.            Do not carry the Kindle in your backpack—doing so may result in screen damage.

3.            Keep the Kindle in your possession or in a safe location—do not let others borrow it.

4.            Take care not to spill any food or liquid on the Kindle.

5.            If the device gets wet, unplug all cables, turn off the wireless and let the screen revert to the screen saver.  Wait for the device to dry completely before pressing the power button to wake again.

6.            Do not attempt to dry the Kindle with an external heat source, such as a hair dryer.

7.            Clean the screen with a soft cloth; be careful not to wipe it with anything abrasive.

8.            Keep the cover on the Kindle to avoid scratches, and do not remove library labels.

9.            Do not expose your Kindle to extreme heat or cold.

10.       Keep the wireless turned off; leaving it on results in a very rapid loss of battery charge.

11.       Remember, you have agreed NOT to download ANY content onto the Kindle.

12.       The Kindle is due back 3 weeks from when you checked it out. You may not renew, but you may borrow a Kindle again if one is available.

13.       All notes and bookmarks will be deleted from the device when you return it, so download your notes when finished if needed; Mrs. Barthelmes can help with this: just ask.

14.       Return the Kindle personally to Mrs. Barthelmes or a library staff member; do NOT place in book drop. Students should make eye contact with a staff member in order to return the Kindle and physically wait while the Kindle is checked in to confirm that it was checked back in to the system.

Sincerely, --Mrs. Barthelmes, HCC School Library Media Specialist 


Kindle Documents

Forms to allow students use of Kindles.