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Irrigation/Water Conservation Articles in Databases

Passwords to Library Databases

If something here asks you for a library password, look it up on this Google Spreadsheet! 

Articles on the Web

Everyone Reads this eBook

All students must read this eBook as homework throughout the enrichment. The chapters to be read are: 1,2,4,7. Using NoodleTools, students should make 5 notecards per chapter. It is best to take notes that can be used in your presentation on whether Ethiopia should be allowed to build its big new dam. If unsure of what information to take notes on, try using the information in the book to come up with questions, and write the answers to them. Each question would be one notecard. The homework schedule is in the box below. 

eBook Directions: To access the eBook DAMS AND HYDROPOWER, simply click on the link or book cover, log in to Destiny Discover with your school username (ending with 24) and password (no numbers). The eBook should open up to the cover. To check it out, click "Check Out." Once you have the book checked out, you can get back to it by clicking on Settings button on left side of Destiny Discover, and then selecting "My Checkouts." (Note: the eBook can be read on and downloaded to a mobile device with the "Destiny Discover" app.)


Homework Schedule

Homework for the night of:

Fri 3/9: Read and annotate two articles given to you by your SS teacher. Use the SUBSEARCH P.S. reading strategy guide to read, annotate, and summarize source numbers 1 & 2 given to you. Then, watch video on Google Classroom on how to use NoodleTools. Create your account and create a NoodleTools project for this enrichment. Cite both sources 1-2 using NoodleTools & make 2-3 notecards (in total) on NoodleTools.

Mon. 3/12: Chapter 1 of the eBook DAMS AND HYDROPOWER; read using the Destiny Discover eBook software. Then, using NoodleTools, cite the book and make 5 notecards (5 notecards per chapter). TIP: If you're not sure what to make notes on, create a question and answer it based on your reading--one question per card. (Destiny Discover Username: LastNameFirstInitial24; password: your personal password, no numbers). NoodleTools: Sign in with Google after creating your account.

Tues., 3/13: Chapter 2 of the eBook DAMS AND HYDROPOWER; read using DestinyDiscover eBook software. Then, using NoodleTools, make 5 notecards (5 notecards per chapter).

Weds., 3/14:  Chapter 4 [skip chapter 3] of the eBook DAMS AND HYDROPOWER; read using DestinyDiscover eBook software. Then, using NoodleTools, make 5 notecards (5 notecards per chapter).

Thurs., 3/15: Chapter 7 of the eBook DAMS AND HYDROPOWER; read using DestinyDiscover eBook software. Then, using NoodleTools, make 5 notecards (5 notecards per chapter). ALSO: Watch "People of the Nile" video in Google Drive.Take notes on video on the Note Taking Sheet for it; (It is source 4); be sure you can answer the questions.

Fri., 3/16: Start/Continue working on your Presentation.  (Instructions/Criteria here.)

Mon., 3/19:  Continue working on your Prezi Presentation.

Tues., 3/20:  Continue working on your Prezi Presentation. *Tentative: prepare for quiz*

?:  Finish Presentation so it is MOSTLY DONE when you enter the building tomorrow.  

?: Finalize Prezi Presentation. *Presentations begin this week! Practice and be ready!*

NoodleTools Digital Notecards and Works Cited

New users: Click "Sign In with Google" then "Create New Account", "I am a student" and answer any questions. You may be asked to create a username; you may use any you like. 

From Projects page, click "New Project" and give it a name. Choose MLA and level  Junior or Advance, you can change later if needed. 

To begin citing sources, click Sources in the navigation bar at the top. On the Sources screen, click Create new citation and select the best match for your source from the choices given. Fill in the citation form with information about your source. If your source is a book, you can locate the book in  (with an ISBN number or title/author search) and it will automatically fill in the form with the book's details.  After you finish entering information about your source, click Submit to save your new citation.

To use the digital notecards, click on Notecards from the navigation bar, click "New." Select your the source your note is from using the "Source/Select Source" dropdown list. Once you've created multiple notecards, you can pile them. Drag a notecard and drop it on another notecard to create a new pile, or use the Manage pile option above the tabletop to manage existing and create new piles with selected notecards.

Share your project with Mrs. Barthelmes. Go to “Dashboard” of your project, under “Sharing and Collaboration” click “Share with a project inbox.” Type “Nile River Enrichment” into box, select the one called “Nile River Enrichment  17-18”, click Done.