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WWII/Atomic Bomb Mock Trial: Research Home

Passwords to Library Databases / eBooks

If something here asks you for a library password, look it up on this Google Spreadsheet! 

Thesis Questions...

Was the United States' decision to drop the atomic bomb justified?

  • If so, then dropping the atomic bomb was a justified act of war.
  • If not, then dropping the atomic bomb was a crime against humanity.

Guiding Questions

As you read and research, consider these questions:
1. What were some justifications given to drop the atomic bomb?
2. Who was advocating dropping the bomb?
3. What were some justifications given to oppose the use of the atomic bomb?
4. Who was in opposition of the use of the bomb?
5. What are some positive outcomes of using the atomic bomb on Japan?
6. On the other hand what are some negative outcomes that arose after the atomic
bomb's use on Japan?
7. What would have happened if the atomic bomb had never been dropped on Japan?
8. How would the outcome of WWII have changed if the bomb had not been dropped?

Research Guide

Welcome! Here you will find a guide to doing research, gathering and using evidence, and creating arguments for the mock trial.

The quality of your research will make up a large part of your grade. Remember to do your own work, create clear and thorough notes relevant to your topic, paraphrase (don't plagiarize!), and cite your information sources.

Encyclopedia Articles

Note: You will need the Encyclopedia Britannica password to access from home.

Works Cited Worksheet

Students need to cite all sources.Download this Works Cited worksheet to help you cite correctly. Fill in the worksheet as completely as you can for each source you've used. If you need help, please contact Mrs. Barthelmes.

Please save paper! Instead of printing out the whole worksheet, either print out only the pages you need or delete the parts you don't need before printing.