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TheGrow Your Mind!Challenge

M A K I N G    T H E    M O S T    O F    Y O U R    F R E E    T I M E        


When kids have free time on their hands, it can be hard to think up something to do.
Here's a way to put your interests together with some fun learning styles ...and grow your mind!

1. What you need to know before you start!

2. Read the directions, then choose a topic

1. Click on the Topic Chooser to find a topic.

2. Spin the wheel up to three times to find a learning style.

3. Choose a learning style and put it together with your topic. For example your topic might be Egypt and your learning style might be Music---what could you do?

4. Use the tabs at the top of the page to get information on your learning style.

5. You can research your topic here. Just click on the "Need Information?" tab.

6. Have fun and GROW YOUR MIND!


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3. Spin the Wheel